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    Standaard Ozzy Osbourne, The movie

    Ik weet niet of er al een topic van was, ik kon hem in ieder geval niet vinden, dus bij deze

    Het zit er al een tijdje aan te komen.
    Onderstaand is van eind April 2010

    Ozzy Osbourne’s life is going to be made into a film. A movie based on the legendary Black Sabbath frontman and solo artist’s colorful life has been given the go-ahead by studio executives according to his wife, Sharon.
    “There’s about to be a big announcement,” Sharon says. “It’s been picked up and it’s going into production. There’s no cast yet, but we have a producer and we have lots of money and we’re all starting.”
    She added that the person to play her husband—who released his autobiography, titled I Am Ozzy last year—will be “somebody new” rather than an established star.
    Sharon, who has been Ozzy’s manager since his split from Black Sabbath in 1979, said she would choose English actress Carey Mulligan to play her if she could pick anyone, although she also earmarked her daughter, Kelly, as ideal for the role. “She is a Mini Me, so yeah, she would be good,” Sharon says.
    Het laatste nieuws.

    June 17th
    OZZY OSBOURNE is searching for an actor to play him in a movie about his life. The film will chart his early life, including his heavy booze sessions and the tough upbringing which led to him doing time in prison. It has been rumoured that A-listers Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jack Black have been considered for the role, with Depp a hot favourite. Ozzy instead wants a real-life Brummie (from Birmingham, UK) to take the role, preferably a street kid from the back alleys of the city. "I'd like to get a Birmingham guy to play the young lad in it because Americans can't do a good Brummie accent," he told the Sunday Mercury before taking to the stage at Birmingham Town Hall last night. "I don't want a Johnny Depp or someone from the Hobbit films. I want someone who knows Birmingham. I'm from Birmingham, and it would be good to get someone from Birmingham to play me."
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    En Colin Farrell is het dus geworden.

    Ben benieuwd, maar ik vind de hele film nogal onnodig. Laat hem eerst maar eens een volledig boek schrijven, want dat was I Am Ozzy naar mijn inziens niet.
    "There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die." - Raoul Duke.

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    Wie is er nou geïnteresseerd in een film over dit achterlijke stuk vreten?

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    jij kent hem misschien enkel van de mtv-serie,

    velen weten wat hij voor de muziek-scene heeft betekent

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    Een film over zijn leven zou best interessant kunnen zijn, zeker uit de Black Sabbath tijd en zijn solo carriere van de jaren 80-90, het is toch een soort van jeugdheld van mij en voor vele hard-rock/metal liefhebbers met mij.
    Dat is niet gebasseerd op wat hij tegenwoordig uitspookt in die ellendige real life soap, want dat vind ik persoonlijk een drama.
    Maar goed, als Colin Farell het moet gaan doen haak ik af...
    Ik zie dat ook totaal niet voor me trouwens, hopelijk wordt het toch nog iemand anders uiteindelijk, maar goed.

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    Van wat ik ervan gelezen had, was Farrell officieel bevestigd voor de hoofdrol. Ik weet niet goed wat ik ervan moet vinden.

    Ik denk dat de "pret" uit de Sabbath periode onmogelijk op film gezet kan worden.
    "There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die." - Raoul Duke.

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    Ozzy en Sharon hadden onlangs het volgende toe te voegen.

    OZZY OSBOURNE wants to play his mother in the film of his life. His bio I Am Ozzy is being adapted for the big screen, and although he is reluctant to appear in it himself he would like have an unusual cameo. He told Germany's FHM magazine: 'I don't really want to be in it. At least I'm hoping I won't. Although I wouldn't mind a cameo - that would be fun. I could play my mother or Lemmy from MOTORHEAD!' About portraying the Prince Of Darkness himself in the film, Sharon Osbourne told recently: "It would be really great to have an unknown actor, because always when you see famous people playing other famous people, you still think of them as who they are. I don't really like that, I think it should be somebody totally unknown."

    Sharon Osbourne has said her daughter KELLY OSBOURNE will have to audition to play her in a film of OZZY OSBORNE's life. She also said they planned to cast an ''unknown'' 18-year-old to play her husband Ozzy. Speaking at this year's O2 Silver Clef Awards, Osbourne said they would prefer a younger actor rather than an established star to take the part. Asked if daughter Kelly would play her in the movie, she said: ''She'll have to audition for it.''

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