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    Standaard The Nanny - Complete Series on DVD

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    The Nanny - Shout! to Deliver All 6 Seasons in 'The Complete Series'

    Amazon pre-order listing shows a late April date for this to be in stores

    Posted by David Lambert
    For 6 seasons Fran Drescher played The Nanny on the CBS network, and between 2005 and 2009 the folks at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released three of those seasons on DVD. The sitcom also starred Charles Shaughnessy (Mad Men), Daniel Davis (The Practice), Lauren Lane (L.A. Law), Benjamin Salisbury (Captain Ron), Nicholle Tom (Masters of Sex) and Madeline Zima (Californication). Fans have been craving to get all six seasons of the show on DVD...and now that is happening at long last!

    Shout! Factory hasn't formally announced it yet, but a new pre-order listing shows that The Nanny - The Complete Series will come to DVD at last on April 21st! Priced at $149.99 SRP, right now Amazon is discounting it by 30%, accepting pre-orders for it at $104.99 plus shipping (which can be free if you choose the slowest method of delivery) and taxes (if applicable).

    Note that this current $104.99 pricetag at Amazon comes to $17.50 per season if you own none of the seasons so far...and if you own the first three season sets then you're getting seasons 4, 5 and 6 for $35 each (plus extra copies of the first three seasons...which you can sell, give to a friend or donate to a worthy cause). Or, you can just ignore that this Complete Series package exists, and wait for Shout! to release the 4th, 5th and 6th seasons down the road as individual season sets...up to you!

    Package art, details, and extras (if any) for The Nanny - The Complete Series have not been made available yet, but stay tuned for updates as further developments occur!

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    jammer genoeg regio 1... zit al jaren te wachten op deze serie...

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    Citaat Oorspronkelijk gepost door Koen Verheyden Bekijk bericht
    jammer genoeg regio 1... zit al jaren te wachten op deze serie...
    Dan import je 'm. 't Is al een wonder dat hij in Amerika volledig uitkomt op DVD.

    En Netflix (NL) is ook een optie, staan alle seizoenen ook op. EDIT: Daar overigens WÉL met Nederlandse ondertiteling.
    Laatst aangepast door Samba-boy : 04-07-2016 om 15:41

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