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    Standaard TK: Hellraiser, Wild At Heart, [REC], Predator trilogy, Lethal Weapon Quadrilogy

    Te koop, verschillende Blu-rays.

    Hellraiser (NL-uitgave) 3 euro

    Wild At Heart (NL-uitgave) 3 euro

    [REC] (UK-uitgave) 3 euro (zit nog in seal)

    Predator Trilogy 17,50

    Lethal Weapon Quadrilogy (5-dis
    c) 20 euro

    verzendkosten zijn voor de koper

    ik heb ook veel DVD's nog te koop 3 euro per stuk tenzij anders aangegeven, NL-uitgaves tenzij aangegeven:

    A Battle of Wits
    Accepted (ex-rental
    The Accidental Spy
    Adrift (ex-rental)
    Aeon Flux (ex-rental)
    Alan Carr - Tooth Fairy
    Appleseed - Ex Machina (Animé)
    Arie & Sylvester - Rammen
    Arie & Sylvester - 200%
    Arie & Sylvester - De Grote Arie & Sylvester Show
    Armour of God
    Be Cool (ex-rental)
    Beavis & Butthead Do America
    Believers (ex-rental)
    The Benchwarmers (ex-rental)
    Black Mask
    Black Mask 2
    Black Sheep (2-Disc incl slipcase) (6 euro)
    Blood: The Last Vampire (Animé)
    Boot Camp
    Born to Fight
    Boy Eats Girl (ex-rental)
    Bulletproof Monk
    The Card Player
    Click (ex-rental)
    Couples Retreat
    Cradle 2 the Grave (ex-rental)
    Date Movie (ex-rental)
    Dawn of the Dead (originele versie)
    Dead and Breakfast
    Dead Birds
    Dead End
    DOA: Dead or Alive (Ex-rental)
    Doom (ex-rental)
    Dragon Lord
    Dragon Tiger Gate
    Drunken Master
    Drunken Master 3
    Enter the Phoenix (ex-rental)
    Evan Almighty
    Family Guy: Blue Harvest
    Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side
    Feed (2-disc Steelcase) 5,-
    Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within
    Flying Tiger, Leaping Dragon
    From Beijing With Love
    Fun With Dick and Jane
    Funny People
    The Game
    Gen-X Cops (ex-rental)
    Ghost In The Shell
    Ghost Town
    The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
    Grandma's Boy (ex-rental)
    The Gravedancers (2-disc steelcase) 5,-
    Green Lantern
    Grimm Love
    Happy Tree Friends First Blood
    Happy Tree Friends Second Serving
    Happy Tree Friends Third Strike
    Heart of the Dragon
    Highwaymen (ex-rental)
    Hitch (ex-rental)
    Hitman (Jet Li-film)
    The Host (Koreaanse film, 2-disc)
    Hostel 2
    House By The Cemetery
    I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
    Ichi The Killer Zero (Animé)
    Identity (ex-rental)
    Jack the Ripper - An Ungoing Mystery
    Kevin Hart - Seriously Funny 5,-
    Kevin Hart - Laugh At My Pain 5,-
    Kevin Hart - Let Me Explain 5,- (geen NL subs)
    Kicking & Screaming
    The Killer
    King of California (ex-rental)
    Kung Fu Soccer (Shaolin Soccer)
    Land of the Dead 2 disc steelcase NL 5,-
    The Longest Yard (ex-rental)
    Lurking Fear
    Macross Pluss I-II
    Me, Myself & Irene
    Meltdown (ex-rental)
    Muay Thai Chaiya
    My Lucky Stars
    My Super Ex-Girlfriend (ex-rental)
    The Myth (Jackie Chan)
    New Dragon Gate Inn
    Ninja In The Dragon's Denn
    Old School
    Once Upon A Time In China
    Once Upon A Time In China 2
    One Last Dance
    Open Water
    Paradise Lost (Turisas)
    Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night
    Perfume (ex-rental)
    Project A 2
    Rest Stop
    River Queen (ex-rental)
    Rob-B Hood
    Rogue Assassin
    Romeo Must Die
    Run Fat Boy Run (Uk-versie)
    Rush Hour 2
    Rush Hour 3
    Santa's Slay
    See No Evil (ex-rental)
    Semi Pro (UK-versie)
    Seven Swords
    Silent Hill
    Sleuth (ex-rental)
    Small Town Folk
    Starkweather (2-DVD)
    Storm Warning
    Story of Ricky
    Sunday Seoul
    Sword in the Moon
    The Banquet
    The Expendables
    The Iceman Cometh
    The Incredibles
    The Scorpion King (ex-rental) (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson)
    The Scorpion King (Hong Kong Legends)
    The Terminal (ex-rental)
    The Tiger Blade (ex-rental)
    The Tripper (UK-versie)
    The Wicker Man (Steelcase 2-Disc)
    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
    Underground Comedy Movie
    Underworld (Special edition) 2-disc
    Walking Tall
    Wedding Daze
    Welcome to the Jungle
    The White Dragon
    You, Me & Dupree (ex-rental)

    The Big Bang Theory seizoen 6 10,-
    Dead or Alive trilogy 12 euro
    Eastbound & Down Seizoen 1 7,50
    Hardcore 2 Serial Killer Box (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dahmer, House of 1000 Corpses, Driller Killer, Henry: Portrait of a Murderer) 10,-
    Serial Killer Box (Ed Gein, Bundy, Citizen X) 10,-
    Hellsing Complete Series 15,00
    Trigun 1 15 euro
    Trigun 2 15, euro
    Violence Jack 10,-

    Dark Tranquillity - Live Damage 10,-
    Helloween Live on 3 Continents 10,-
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    Update, Wild At Heart en Lethal Weapon Quadrilogy erbij

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    PM gestuurd over Lethal Weapon Quadrilogy (5-disc)

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