FOX: Nieuwe rental en retail releases tot eind oktober

20th Century Fox stuurde ons de laatste releaselijst met alle nieuwe Rental en Retail DVD's tot eind oktober.


Release Date Rntl/Ret Date Release Title
17-Jul-01 12-Dec-01 Art Of War
31-Jul-01 17-Oct-01 X-Files: Deadalive
01-Jul-01   When Harry Met Sally & Support
    Mystic Pizza
    When Harry Met Sally Se
04-Jul-01   Dvd Double Action (Fox)
    Predator/Predator 2 (2 Pack)
    Speed/Speed 2 Two Pack
04-Jul-01   Dvd Double Action - Charlie Sheen (2-Pack)
04-Jul-01   Dvd Double Action - Delta Force 1 & 2 (Double-Pack)
04-Jul-01   Dvd Double Action - Keanu Reeves (2-Pack)
11-Jul-01   The Fly 1 & 2 & Support
    Fantastic Voyage
    Fly Ii: The Insect Awakens
    Fly, The 15th Anniversary
11-Jul-01   The Fly 1 & 2 & Support
    Tank Girl
18-Jul-01   Action - Colors
18-Jul-01   Action - Death Warrant
18-Jul-01   Action - Kalifornia
25-Jul-01   Comedy (Fox)
    Hot Shots
    Hot Shots! Part Deux
    Raising Arizona
    White Men Can'T Jump
25-Jul-01   Comedy (Mgm)
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    Throw Momma From The Train
21-Aug-01 01-Jan-02 Bedazzled
01-Aug-01   Silence Of The Lambs Se
22-Aug-01   Westerns Dvd
    Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid Se
    The Magnificent Seven Se
22-Aug-01   Stargate Repromotion (Vol. 1- 13)
22-Aug-01   The Simpsons - Kwik-E-Love
22-Aug-01   Dvd Stargate Volume 14
29-Aug-01   Raging Bull Se
11-Sep-01 01-Jan-02 Quills
25-Sep-01 01-May-02 Tigerland
05-Sep-01 03-Apr-01 Big Momma'S House
05-Sep-01 06-Feb-01 Me, Myself And Irene
12-Sep-01   Platoon Se
19-Sep-01   Thriller Collection (Mgm)
    Dead Man Walking
    Mississippi Burning
19-Sep-01   Dvd Stargate Volume 15
19-Sep-01   Thriller Collection - Kiss Of Death (1995)
19-Sep-01   Thriller Collection - Misery
19-Sep-01   Thriller Collection - Shallow Grave
19-Sep-01   Thriller Collection - Shining Through
19-Sep-01   Thriller Collection - Sleeping With The Enemy
19-Sep-01   Thriller Collection - The Edge
26-Sep-01   Simpsons Season 1 Boxset (Int'L)
09-Oct-01 10-Oct-01 Digimon Theatrical Film
16-Oct-01 17-Oct-01 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (Extended)
30-Oct-01 01-Mar-02 Men Of Honor
03-Oct-01   Best Of Dvd
  17-May-00 Alien
  17-May-00 Alien 3
  17-May-00 Alien Resurrection
    Aliens (Extended Version)
  28-Jun-00 Big Blue, The (Long Version)
    Blown Away
  23-Feb-00 Broken Arrow
    Child'S Play
  12-Jan-00 Courage Under Fire
  12-Jan-00 Die Hard 2: Die Harder
    Edward Scissorhands
  10-May-00 Entrapment
    Four Weddings And A Funeral
    Full Monty , The
    Home Alone
    Home Alone 2 - Lost In New York
    Home Alone 3
    Man In The Iron Mask, The
    Marked For Death Sel.
    Mrs. Doubtfire
    Poltergeist 2
    Rapid Fire
    Red Corner
  10-May-00 Rising Sun
  22-Sep-00 Ronin
  10-May-00 Siege , The
    There'S Something About Mary
    Thin Red Line, The
    Wall Street
    War Of The Roses
  22-Sep-00 Wargames
    Westside Story
  23-Feb-00 X-Files-Feature Film
10-Oct-01 09-Oct-01 Digimon The Movie
10-Oct-01   Planet Of The Apes-Giftpack
  31-Jul-01 X-Files: Deadalive
16-Oct-01 16-Oct-01 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (Extended)
17-Oct-01 31-Jul-01 X-Files: Deadalive
24-Oct-01   Horror Collection
    Carrie Se
    Ravenous Se
24-Oct-01   Dvd Stargate Volume 16
31-Oct-01 05-Jun-01 Woman On Top

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Martijn Dashorst  |  20-08-2001

Ik mis de X-Files *EN* de Buffy seizoen 3 boxset. Hoe kan dat? Martijn.
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